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Our Team

Mary Collins, MS

BIL/IRA Administrative Specialist
Mary Collins
Mary Collins is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) & Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Administrative Specialist in the National Sea Grant Office.

Previously, Mary was a Coastal Resilience Specialist for the National Sea Grant Office and a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow. Mary came into Sea Grant after serving as an International Conservation Associate at the Center for Large Landscape Conservation, where she coordinated advancement in science, policy, and practice of collaborative, ecosystem-based and climate-science informed conservation. Mary also has experience in private sector nature-based solutions consulting as a Conservation Coordinator with the Wildlife Habitat Council and in climate policy and diplomacy as a Climate Policy Intern at the Council on Foreign Relations. Each of Mary’s experiences is rooted in a social equity, marine biology, and climate science background gained as a Research Assistant at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Mary holds a Master’s degree in Conservation Leadership from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Art from The University of Virginia. Mary is an artist and outdoors enthusiast, and in her free time can be found on a nearby trail or in a museum.


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An overhead view of a neon green chemical plume in a stream. The plume is moving from left to right and changes size and shape as it moves farther to the right.
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Reelin’ in the Years

In my Knauss fellowship so far, one of the most meaningful pieces of advice I’ve heard is to “think of your career as a journey, not a destination.” As the

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